Our Vision:

To provide a church-based, church-centered seminary that trains students to fulfill the Great Commission.

Our Mission:

We exist to train leaders for ministry within the context of the local church and to send them out to reach the world for Jesus Christ.

Institutional Objectives:

  • Help students discern their ministry calling.
  • Lay a Biblical and theological foundation for life and ministry.
  • Cultivate students who will minister out of the overflow of a vibrant relationship with Christ.
  • Train students how to do ministry within the context of the local church.
  • Launch leaders who are committed to the mission of the Church.

Student Learning Objectives:

Humble servants

We want students leaving seminary more humble than when they started. We cannot neglect the training of the heart while training their head. We must teach them what it looks like to walk with Christ and stay submitted to Him in every area of their lives and ministry. We are producing servants of Christ and His church.

Passionate about the local church

We want to train students to fall in love with the local church. We must train students to recognize this is the center of God’s activity. We want to graduate students who are passionate about building local churches.

We are evangelistically driven

We want to train students to be passionate about reaching their community and world for Christ. We want to release pastors, ministers, and staff members into local churches who are passionate about growing those churches. We are driven by lostness.

Theologically astute

We are not preparing students who are theologically lite. We want to dive into the deep truths of God and bring them into everyday church realities and situations with real people. We are training students who have the theological depth needed to thrive in the day in which we live. 

Relationally gifted

We want to help students learn how to communicate face to face in the midst of a tech-driven world. Most pastors lose their ministry in part because of a failure to handle people and delicate situations well. We want to graduate students who are gifted relationally.

What makes CTS unique?

We are local church based.

We provide seminary within the local church. The need has been birthed out of God’s activity within our local church. We are visioned by Cross Church. We are supported, sustained, and guided by the church. Several of our pastors are members of the teaching faculty. Our students receive hands on ministry experience alongside their theological training.

We are local church centered.

We are training men and women to be servants of Christ in the local church. We place just as much emphasis and value on the practical aspects of church ministry as we do the theological. They are not enemies, but counterparts in our model. We are not training students for the academy, but to serve in local churches across America and the world.


Cross Theological Seminary is committed to full accreditation.  We are currently pursuing accreditation with a Christian accrediting agency authorized by the United States Department of Education.  Check back to this page for updated information on the accreditation process.
Cross Theological Seminary has received a Letter of Exemption from Certification issued by the Arkansas Division of Higher Education to offer church-related programs/courses and grant church-related degrees.